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"Time's Up" (Continuum 1x06)

This week on Continuum, the stakes go up as Liber8 puts its latest plot into action... (spoilers ahead)

There are a lot of competing agendas in this episode that all converge on the kidnap of Exotrol's CEO and Keira and Carlos's attempts to foil Liber8, which were all effectively intertwined as well as raising the question about who is really "in the right". Keira has the most confusing choice, and we get a really interesting look into her 2077 life as she begins to question the Corporation's actions before the riots. Clearly in 2012 she is opposed to Liber8's methods but I'm not so sure she will be opposed to their goals as she figures out she can prevent (or alter) the rise of the Corporations.


The working relationship between Keira and Carlos also gets a decent amount of attention, even though (of course) she's still keeping some secrets. Clearly they trust each other and make good partners, and when Keira's true identity comes out I'm sure he'll keep the secret too.

Some loose threads and/or unanswered questions: (I know some of these might have answers since the first season has already ended, but I'm keeping to the SyFy US airing timeline for now)


1. Kellogg stealing the power-source orange slice, I wonder why he didn't take or mess with anything else of hers since I'm sure she's going to notice that it's gone missing.

2. I miss the super-suit, hopefully it will get fixed or something soon. The contacts came up big when Frank was trying to make his escape though.


3. Last week I predicted that Travis (or someone) would end up offing Kagame to take over Liber8 or change the way they do business, but I think I'm going to pull back on that.

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