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"The Politics of Time" (Continuum 1x07)

This week, Carlos finds himself in a serious conflict of interest during a murder investigation...

This episode felt very "police procedural" to me, I understand that that might happen sometimes when your two main characters are LEOs but the strength of this show is really in the time-travel aspect and the difficulties in being in the past and trying to change (or protect) the future. That said, I thought the investigation aspect was done well and we got a few nice glimpses into what might lie ahead (Liber8 fronting Helo's election, the suit being close to repair). The 2077 "subplot" also did a nice job leaving the door open for a Keira/Carlos relationship, since her marriage doesn't seem all that strong and of course there is the (strong) possibility that it is impossible for her to actually get back to 2077.


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