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"Playtime" (Continuum 1x08)

This week, Kiera finds an unlikely ally and Liber8 continues their quest for past-world domination. Spoilers ahead for those who are following the SyFy airing schedule in the US...

I have to say I'm a huge fan of Kellogg this week, I wasn't surprised that he was helping Kiera but I was very surprised to see just how far he would go in his efforts, basically outing himself to Liber8 by allowing himself to be seen by them (through her eyes) and also putting himself in the line of fire when she was being taken over.


The show has so far done a very good job addressing the implications of time travel, but "Readme Alec 2012" raises some serious questions. It seems like there are two possibilities:

1. Alec, with foreknowledge of the events that would already happen, engineered events in 2077 to ensure that Kiera would end up being sent back to 2012, along with information he would need to keep events on track. This would mean that the rise of the Corporations is basically predestined, Liber8 in 2012 will fail, and Liber8 in 2077 will always be sent back to 2012, closing the loop.


2. Readme 2012 is implanted in all CMR technology (or just Kiera) in an attempt to change the events leading up to 2077. This implies a "many worlds" theory where Alec!2077 gets wind of Liber8's plot to travel back in time and uses the opportunity to try and create a world where the rise of the Corporations goes differently. So, if he ensures Alec!2012 is successful using the info in the file, there is either a new timeline or 2077 gets rewritten around him and Keira, Back to the Future-style.

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