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It's a blog!

I've often thought about starting a blog, but I was never able to pin down what it would be "about" (or whether it would be worth the trouble). But, now I sort of have a blog, so might as well blog!

I'm following Continuum along with the SyFy airing schedule, I fell into it after Fringe ended (sniff) and I like it so far so I'm sticking with it. Quick thoughts on 1x05 "A Test of Time":

There are a lot of dichotomies in this episode, but the two that have the biggest implications in my mind are the Kellogg paradox and the Kiera paradox. We assume that because Kellogg is still alive that perhaps we are in a new universe from the 2077 we "came from", but we are also led to believe that someone (most likely, Alec) ensured that Kiera would end up being sent back, which is how Kagame was able to obtain information on Kiera (via a guard). If that's true, 2012 and 2077 Alec both have to know Kiera. Time paradoxes are notoriously hard to deal with (probably why they don't exist in real life!) but so far Continuum has deal with it well and I'm interested to see how everything plays out.


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