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"Family Time" (Continuum 1x09)

In the season's penultimate episode, a stand-off changes the shape of things to come... unless those things were meant to happen. Spoilers ahead...

Kiera and Carlos show up at Alec's family farm to investigate a potential threat that turns out to be not only all too real, but perpetrated by Alec's terrorist-in-training half-brother Julian. I'm not at all surprised to see that he is still involved with the more revolutionary-type folks but I didn't expect him to shoot Carlos.


Finally, the suit returns! I love 2077 tech (even the CPS plane in the flashbackforward, despite the fact that "WRB" is a shitty callsign), but Keira made some serious tactical errors that I just have to rant about. She should have been able to take out those kids easily, being bulletproof and invisible. Why did she go so close to the propane tank, when she knew they were going to blow it up and should have been able to see exactly where everyone else was (including Julian, who I don't believe for a second is that good a shot to take out the phone and then the tank valve)? Why didn't she just wound Hoyt (unless she did and we didn't see it) instead of making him a martyr? And why the shit didn't she call the inspector as soon as she got the suit on? (Maybe she would have had to have Alec patch her in, but she has been able to communicate to him directly so I'm not sure if this is a limitation on the tech or not.) Timey-wimey wise, it's interesting that she has so much at her disposal and yet was unable to prevent this incident from taking place... makes it seem like a "fixed point" given how much Kagame was talking about it.

I really liked the insight into Kellogg we got in this episode (tragic though it was), it explains why he's not so fond of Liber8 and why he would be willing to help Kiera. I don't actually believe that they are going to hook up though. In other news I'm not going to believe, I'm not sure what was up with the Theseus tattoo but if that's supposed to be a "Julian is Kagame" thing I ain't buyin' it.


Hopefully next week we'll find out what was in the damn readme file! (no spoilers please, I know it's aired in Canada already but I'm not there yet)

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